Revealed: Best B2b E-Commerce Platforms in The USA

E-commerce has grown tremendously in the last few years. The Internet gives companies an opportunity to trade with other companies regardless of where they are. Hence, there is increasing in the number of competitors in the business world. To stand out from them, you need to find a unique way of offering services to your customers. You can achieve this by using b2b platforms.
However, not all business to business platforms has advanced features. Lack of these features will make your e-commerce site offer low-quality services and attract fewer buyers. Every day there is a b2b platform that is created in the USA to help you sell your products and services to other companies with ease. Here are 5 best b2b platforms that will make your selling successful:


Are you looking for a free b2b platform that will enable you to reach a massive number of customers? If yes Alibaba should be your first consideration. Alibaba is the world’s largest platform that caters to all sizes of businesses. It has approximately 17 million users meaning it is a reliable platform.
The good thing with this platform is that it is optimized to search engines. With this, customers will easily find your site on searches like Google and Yahoo. Also, it offers online payments to ease the selling and buying process. With Alibaba, you can get access to the performance of your business at any places as it offers cloud data services.


If you are looking for a free b2b e-commerce platform which generates high-quality organic traffic, BizVibe could be the best for you. It is an easy-to-use b2b e-commerce platform which will enable you to reach global customers. This platform has reliable customer support which will enable you provides positive feedbacks to your client-company at any time they need help. Also, it is optimized to search engines to enable customers to find your products or services easily. The biggest strength of BizVibe is the BizVibe’s mobile app. It will enable you to connect with buyers while on-the-go.

— eWorldTrade

If you want a platform with a variety of features, you can give eWorldTrade a try. It is easy to use the platform and offers a free option to sign up. With eWorldTrade you will be sure to reach a massive number of client-companies as it caters to millions of potential buyers and sellers. If you want to compete with aggressive marketing brand, eWorldTrade is the best. It provides a quick and reliable medium of trading. Its advanced features make trading effective. Also, it provides services such as customer support. Hence, it will provide you with relevant feedbacks.

— Tradekey b2b platform

Tradekey has played a vital role in helping worldwide traders find new buyers and business opportunity online. This platform will assure you that your sensitive information and those of your client-company are safe. Hence, you won’t face losses when selling your products and services. With this platform, you will get new buyers globally as SEO recognizes it. The good thing with Tradekey is the ability to advertise and expose your products and service to over 15 million businesses. Also, it will increase your trust for buyers.

— Europages

Another large platform is Europages. It has an efficient search engine that is available in multiple languages. As you know, the business world has international customers who understand different languages. With the Europages b2b platform, it will be easier for the buyers to understand your products and services analyze them and make a purchasing decision.


Final thoughts

As you can see, to enable client-company find you easily on search engines, you need either of these b2b e-commerce platforms. They will assure you to successfully sell your products and services fast and with less money. Selecting them would make this year of success as you will reach international buyers.